Sunday, May 23, 2010

No Fun

Basically the Xtina we knew is gone. She was great and if you really wanna think about her just read her wiki for the usual summary.
Gone are the days of a slinky orange minx clad in tasteless items that suggested she was a broke fashion-backwards soapie make-up artist.

Cornrows nowadays means only a row of edible corn to the fading starlet.

And as for her new music; it aint new; sources say it's a bunch of B-sides from the 90s she 's playing the xylophone over the top of. The album comes soon and fans worldwide are preparing for a pirate downloading festival - Jack Sparrow attire a necessity.


  1. Hi. I've been a fan of Virgo for ages!!! Can I request a post on Kendra? She's really inspirational and I think you'd have something funny to say!

  2. inspirational alright!!!! do it babes!!!