Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jan Jan Mooches Around Fashion Week

Jan Jan has tried on some new looks to keep the trends and hair clips fresh. Lovin herself sick while looking at sick fashions definitely makes fun times for Jan.

Jan loves the preppy look, and who doesn't like an outfit that makes you smarter.
Now she's lurched onto Donna for a bit of support in her silky blue gown. Things are looking not only great, but top heavy. Obviously Donna is loving being around a curvy woman not that darned Allegra.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

You Know Who & What This Is

Hep C fan Pammy is in New Zealand because she flies where promotional opportunities go (dont judge), but she once again laid out one of the few cards in her hand; a friendly flash. Im torn to think where Pammy's heart is; does she wanna sit on a futon and pick snot from her nose or is she keen on shaking what her mumma and the kind men at the clinic gave her? I get sleepy looking at her because it could truly be time for her to take a long hard nap - and be remembered as the mental (but relevant) thing she once was.

L. Gaga Gets Hot & Personal

More Than A Movie

When you catch as much public transport as I do you can't help but have a Sliding Doors Moment everytime someone wacks you with an umbrella (maybe an alternate you will die i 3 days) or the bus driver tells you to get fucked (maybe your gonna cut & peroxide your hair and start your own business). And I guess thats the mystical power of cinema; has you thinking heaps and shit and applying it to wot u kno iz real?

Confused And Drinking

I've always thought Coke was a tad wacky but recently had a nutritional brainwave and diagnosed that crazy brown stuff; All their hoo haa about sugar free diet zero VS calorie crap thirst quench has the folk that drink the shit confused as fuck - so they're not on a diet?
And what do they do when confused and thirsty?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pete Does Shit

The talented Mr. Andre has moved on in life by wacking out an album. I will never come across the music of this album because my gag reflex couldnt handle the fun. That said I will attempt to review the album. Andre gives fans a taste of his old ways with uptempo party tracks that are sure to set clubs ablaze..... bla bla bla.... heartfelt ballad from the heart.......... vocal ability.......... bla bla bla........ 4.5/5 star..... perfect for mum...bla bla bla........ but seriously how fun could it be? Am I just being silly or is this be the hot shit my ears like?

Heres my favorite Pope moment - the bub kiss - Pete's planted one on a pasty white newborn, really nice to see Petes softer side, being a father and all - he's no stranger to showing needy children the kind kiss of an Andre. And judging by the obvious skin tone difference we can tell Pete's generosity has afew more blessings to help the kid out with. PS how young is too young for the tan salon? - If there is a legal age maybe just rub coffee grind over the child?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not Genetically Theirs

This frightened bub has landed is the knowing hands of Katherine Heigl and couldnt be more confused as to whats happening.
Sandwiched for a photo - why not - it wont wipe that 'who are these people and why wont they get off my shit' look.
Too close for comfort.

Pooch Is Gone

Yeh yeh yeh... we're all a mom.... meet my child - he's an ant - but what can I say - I'm a mom.

Ya Smooze Ya Looze

The real Badgirl is out and about in London town tonight. Amy has hit up the local for a bevvy and thoroughly enjoyed herself in her new pink top.
Too bad she had a little spill and got tomato sauce on her top, note to Amy; see dry-cleaner on Tuesday - also on the to-do list is a new album and instal a solar hot water system.

Another Pretty Gurl

I know it's an easy shot at some good blog entertainment, but couldnt hold back the fun that is Jocelyn Wildenstein. And to add background to what is really only known as 'The Face', I've got some wiki facts to back the beauty;

"Jocelyne grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland where she became a skilled hunter and pilot. Her skills led to an invitation to a shooting weekend held at the 66,000 acre privateKenyan game reserve owned by billionaire art dealer, Alec N. Wildenstein. Wildenstein was a son of Daniel Wildenstein, the owner of one of the world's largest and most successful art conglomerates, Wildenstein & Company. On April April 30, 1978 Alec and Jocelyn were married in Las Vegas. The couple had two children together, a daughter Diane and a son, Alec Jr. A lover of exotic animals, Jocelyn kept a capuchin monkey, called Cocoa, which traveled with the couple on their private jet. She also kept a pack of five Italian greyhounds."
So now when your at a party or see a friend who makes a cheap punch at Jostein you can drop some smooth wiki facts and appear to know the person behind the pretty.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So Embarrassingz!

Whoopsiefuckendaisy. How fun is it that it's some fazion criminal offense to wear the same thing. Lets take this on a local level; all them lot over at the supermarket should be ashamed of themselves; I swear I just saw those track pants on a person 5 metres back.

PS Pink is thinking 'She cant ride the silks like I can' and Shak is thinking 'sure shes athletic but can she pop her ribs like I can'. Dont think so bitch take my dress off and SIT DOWN.

Hot D8

Our favorite Magic Pudding has taken 2 gigantic testicles with a female attached to the MTV VMAs.

Show Me What Your Working With

Lily 'Not Fair' Allen has Rocked Out at some festival show thing. So much fun was had and Lily enjoyed her testy costume - a self creation Lily resolved hours before the show when all she had was her old leotard and a handful of watch straps. She was just happy to beat Lady Gaga to that moment of genius.

Old Fool Goes For Run - Say No More

A Great Loss

If you have seen this dog I'm pleased to inform you that you are now obliged to contact it's owner so they can come pick the rascal up. PS you'll also find yourself sending an email Jessica Simpson's way.

La Toya Jackson Brings The Milk

This girl reckons whatever she's doing with a flavoured cup of milk is actually doing something to fight aids. No joke. I don't think that will ever, or could ever somehow beat a deadly bloody virus. Wrong liquids for starters.
Nevertheless, Toy Toy had a GREAT day out, enjoyed herself thoroughly and slept like a log that night.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ma Head Hurtz And I Cant Feel Ma Handz

Harry Potter Yer Right

Loonys the world over are falling to their knees because some dude from a band got this sexy mark when he woke up after being unconscious for an hour because his ass had been hit by lightening. Makes Harry's little 'bolt' look like childs play, and so it should. Sometimes you have to sit back and wonder; what would actually happen if I got hit by lightening? But then your remember your a flimsy ass fucker who would fall to your death before the thing even got close enough to make a hair stand up. Fuck your ready to to pick out a coffin at the mention of a storm, ready to give november lilies the nod at the possibility of thunder. But you know, after Karina I can't actually blame you.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Every now and then I like to get a bit moo-shoo-moo-shoo on Fazion & Trendz and put my 195672 cents into a hot look a sweet celeb has attempted to rock. For example, Gags has wowed in this bronze ensemble as if it was shit from (Australian...) Vogue. Not only have the lace mask and cape given her that sexy superhero flavour but she's also adopted a powerful masculine stance (PMS) that informs her critics 'Im your mumma plz sit down biitch or I'll pound ya with me thighz'

Im So Bored!

It must be tough - looking interested and pretty is hard to do when the carousel in your head is more focussed on whats for dinner or how you should get the doctor to freeze the warts of your toes. Kate is not only a model, but a role model - everyday she teaches us that you dont need to enjoy what you do just because your doing it. And thats OK.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Randy's New Shoes

Suit-loving, overall clad, and always the more masculine of the 4 'Miranda' (in another of the Sexy City movies) has become some trendoid who loves herself a chunky heel with the works. To which SJ has pulled a Craig David and walked away. Sadly fish-out-of-the-water Mir was left looking like (to everyones disgust) fashions biggest fan.

Babe @ Funeral

Moochie Hoochie (above) and Toy Toy (below) both felt it appropriate to attend some guy's funeral.

Jesso Simpo

Renowned Beauty Jessica Simpson has taken her latest reality show (some smooze about beuooty) to the stylish shores of France where J-Bomb has mooched up a dress 4 fashion. Jess works haaaard for the money and did a great job!

Da Curious Case Of Joe Jackson

I've finally completed what has been a 3 month project!!!!!!! I'm a major sucker for a great look-a-like comp, but had pains when I couldnt link up the glories of Joey's face to a splinter in my mind. But don't yaz worry, Baby got there and uncovered Joe's secret past as a Spirited Away extra.

But hang on one sec!!!! It'd be criminal to mention Joe and not another of his best look-a-likes. Joe gives great Magic Pudding face and the two look like they shared a womb, or at least a few good hours in the oven.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Woo Hoo!!!!!!

All these 'people' were up at midnight recently, not because they were having a boogie, not because they were watching Titanic but because they were amongst the millions (approx 17 people) worldwide who HAD to be at the midnight launch of Wii Sports Resort.
Oh Boy did their night go OFF!!! Some people even wore hats! at midnight!
Above is a group shot of the Party People, all with their copy of Wii Sports Resort and a psyched smile that says 'I own it, I'm a star'.
If they even tried to think of something better to do, they couldn't - not that they'd ever want too. I just hope they got some kind of memorabilia, maybe a fake passport to this Resort, maybe a new life? (jokes) or maybe a photoframe - for the memories of their 'night out'.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Easy Way Promotional Dwinks

Someone at the Easy Way HQ in Korea was skyping a friend in Sydney when they realised our city has just come into Spring, so they double clicked photoshop, made a flyer then rewrote afew chemical formulas for their 'teas'. The thing is, I'm excited, and to speak the truth; I'll buy both.
Don't know what strawnana was meant to be, but how bad could it be. What this flavour has to do with spring I WILL NEVER KNOW. What I do know is easy way has taken the easy way out of the Spring challenge and combined afew of their existing brews, dissected some words and are making a silver coin related profit off the the flavoured water they push.
Bananarama is a raving health drink, it boasts about how bananas have some friendly vitamins in them, then mentions its just a flavored dwink. Oh well, i'll get my potassium elsewhere and rely on this baby to zap me up the sugar highway like catnip for children, like the good shit up a working vein of your local junkie's thigh.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Riroo 4 Italian Vogie

Sharp urban singer gets 'edgy' on cover for Italian zine. Ri has once again walked the familiar line to they future; got some shoulder pads, metallics and angles working. At least her button face is looking fun and her bung eye has made it's way in the direction of her good eye.