Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Just a moment of contemplation; who thought of tea and why did it take off? consider the recipe for a second; its tap water, hot tap water, to which is added some old dried leaves. LEAVES. For some scientific reason I refuse to give second thought, this makes 'flavored hot tap water' which the human race is ALLL FOORRRRR! 'yummo' I hear them cry.

But seriously its weak and poorly flavored water. Is this more of that cigarette bullshit?; the whole; it's about the 'time out' not the product bull shit. I don ' fucken know, I mean I'll drink it but let me tell you I'm pulling that wide eyed 'woooooo' look and think the whole steamy cuppa gutter leaves is a whole lotta excuses, time wasted and time-out-disguised-as-a-ceramic-cup-of-urine. Green or black, yeh serve it up, fluids regardless. 

And The Best Dressed At The Oscars Goes To;

Sophia Loren!!!!!!!
The babes a winnner!!!!!!!!!!!
The eye liner! the brow! the lip liner!
basically a line around any sunken feature!!!! so I guess theres a pretty grid squiggled all over her vjay!
has she uhu'ed her mop on too? 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Got Something To Prove?

We've all got a point to make; maybe your a natural blonde and need to show your pubes to justify it, maybe you can put both feet behind your head and look disgustingly sexual, maybe you can get a nipple into your mouth, or like Beth Ditto (above) you can touch your toe.

Shine With Talent'

There's Nothing Wrong With Doing What You Want

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cuteness Made A Baby

Meet Ma Baby =

The cute babe above popped out a boy! Yet to be named, the little hottie already has looks to kill and a badass attitude that screams 'give me ya phone or i'll shit in your mouth'. With his current date of birth, babyboy has 3 possible hollywood tots he can successfully marry; 1. Whatever came out of Naomi Watts vag, 2. Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale (if the kids a homo - 10% chance remember!) or 3. Whatever it is that Pink made last night with the turkey baster.

Cant Wait!!

She's A Hottie

Tall, Busty, Creative, Model looks, Likes the ocean, Girl next door attitude

The Perfect Catch; Our Lady Of Liberty

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happier Times

When I think happy times, I think of this lot. What can possibly wrong if your at the beach, with some of the happiest asians this side of the equator, and your all taking happy snaps in a fun brady bunch pose? Junkies might argue 'drugs are better' but if your not so needle savvy, please tell me this is as good as it gets.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Morning

Good Morning Peeps

What Happened Here?


Rihanna & Chris; Then & Now

Yes thats the happy duo on the back of a banana boat. Ain't life like that, one day theres an inflatable yellow device lodged between your thighs and the next day your mans introducing fist to forehead. But knowing Chris he's just heaps into dancing and with all those 'mooves' it'd be hard not to hit Rihannas target (massive forehead). Naa I'm just trying to be optimistic, when in reality they had a little tiff, as you do, and Chris's passion for life and hot blooded nature got a little krazy and he went Ali on a chick. For some reason I'm still really thirsty for some pix, we all wanna see the Umbrella hit-maker with some colourful shades of magenta, violet and mustard in places her makeup artist wouldn't usually opt for. And who fucken knows, will all the junk you see in fashion-land these days the humble bruise could be an (understandably) Autumn look. My only suggestion would be to make sure they are really colourful, cute and in places people will notice - try between the eyes Chris.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mad Beast Runs Sydney Streets

(Mad Beast on the left)
Age; early 20s
Height; 5 foot 8 approx
Eye Colour; mad blue
Hair; brown and shedding

Habbits; poos lots, bites, acts mad, off its rocket. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Have you ever won something on the internet? I keep trying to get Veronica's tickets at the 2day fm website but am yet to win win win.

Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

Aint this just an image from a fairytale, from now on when you go to your happy place, let Heidi come through with Seal singing alongside. 

Friday, February 13, 2009

Who Will You Be This Valentines Day?

Option 1 - Cranky Poo

Option 2 - Stupidly Sweet As Pie 

Option 3 - Shat Shitty Shitz

I'm opting for option 1, because there is nothing wrong with being cranky if thats  how you feel. 

What Is It Anyway?


Baby Fever; Who Wants A Tot

Who wants a baby? Heres the recipe;
Sperm + Egg - Put in womb, leave for 9 month approx; let it fall out your V or pay some gloved stranger cut it out of your chest. Satisfied?

D3 Forever

Smiles and shitloads of happyshit all over the place at Kelly's 28th bday surprise party. 

Pregnant Bitch

Another reason why humans are no great evolutionary feat; we still shit, eat, poop, breast feed and get knocked up like all the livin animals of Animaland.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Put this on your 'to do' list this month; Wiki the 'Barbie Twins'!!!


* Their Mum was feminist dyke.
*Their tits are 38D
*They appeared in an animated porno flop called "Eeek, the Cat".

*Shane Barbi claimed that she "shares" her hubby with her sis. (as pictured below).


Economic Crisis Is Here

10 Things I Know About Isla

1. Home & Away history - played a lez
2. Ranga 
3. Hubbie Borat = baby called Olive. Cute name
4. Moviez = wedding crashers = shoppaholic movie I'm gonna see
5. Red hair + pale skin complexion = 'autumn' type = wears green to look nice
6. Cartwheel 
7. Name pronounced 'I' - lah
8. From Australia 
9. Older than borat
10. Said she gets her skinny figure from her mum. ?

3/10 excitement rating  

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Drunk Pregnant Woman @ The Grammys

1 fetus heavier and she's still flying on the back of a simple paper plane. 

Grown Up So Fast

Seems like only yesterday Zahara was being breast fed by whoever, but apparently now she's all gown up and ready to become and it girl. And by 'It' we all think she's ready to become a genderless cyborg and walk in the shoes and the world-famous pregnant man. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The Worlds smallest Baby was born this morning at 8:09am in suburban Sydney haunt Ultimo.
After a very short 6 minute labour Mr and Mrs Hii welcomed beautiful Choong into the world, weighing in at just under 0.000003 kgs.
Tiny Choong is set to star in the remake of Pixar hit Toy Story, playing the role of a 'Cupie Doll'.
Best of luck to Choong.

Monday, February 9, 2009

On That Note...

I Love This Frog

As you all know (but actually dont) I'm such a sucker for calling cripple shit cute and letting it into hearts nationwide. Goldie is the creme of this, she's such a crazy frog and mad gal. I like her open mouth in the above photo - its the definition of an open trap and signifies happy times (in tough economic conditions).  

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today I did a Pink quiz in some old mag. It's surprising how much i've taken in on this semi-babe considering I'm only an illegally download Pink songs fanatic. The quiz asked me all kinds of personal questions that my inner einstein knew off the top of their brainiac head. These Qs included, her real name, her husbands name, her first hit and which recent album went triple platinum (what do they mean by platinum - her hair? - tru too!). My point is I know great shit about Pinky - the only one I got wrong is which state is she from - I know its got a S in it though because an S from 'Most Girls' crossed over that part of the puzzle. 
Ps it didn't ask if she is homo, but boy was I ready with an answer. 

Friday, February 6, 2009


In the name of a free boost I have activated my silver membership card. Only complaint is about the perky email I received. I've been told i've signed up to the best club i'll ever be part of, there are so many fun times ahead it couldn't all fit in one email, competitions coming my way (in general), and I'm going to be reminded of my own birthday before it comes as to redeem a free boost on that day - because who doesn't want to spend their birthday at boost?!?!

PS dunno who the boost lovin babe above is. She's a hottie though. 

Hate or Great?

With all 4 talented actresses officially signed on for the Sex N City Sequel, we've got to ask ourselves; how many saggy tits till they call it quits? 
More sex fun
Something to do
It's cute
The fashions
Use of the mobile movie airbrusher
Overuse of a 50 is the new 15 slogan. 



Working 9-5 suxxxxx,
so everyday I pack cute lunches to get myself through the swamp of hell that is the corporate casual office.
Here's this weeks munchies;

MONDAY; I used left overs from last nights dinner and added a cute lion spoon for convenience.

TUESDAY: This was based on 'Babe Pig in the City', with an EGGy twist.
WEDNESDAY: I got this one from the biggest loser cookbook.

THURSDAY: So cute!Gotta loved a glazed cherry with your tuna!

FRIDAY: A Casual Friday Lunch!! I dipped the bunny on the end in pee, and the other bunny on the end in pee after I'd eaten beetroot!


No Jokes

Get the album. 

The Future Is Now!

There's only so many silver cones on heads and punky studs possible until we finally reach the point at which 'the future' has become 'today'. Sasha Fierce's job is done, and we've finally embraced what is means to live in a new millenium; the hell of alot of metalics and a fashion mind that states 'I want to look like a computer chip' or a cyborgirl.