Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nicki Minaj! Ma Gurl!

It'll be decades before mainland Australia discovers the joys of Nicki Minaj but for the select few who have the internet to get our eyes overseas, Nicki is Tha Shit! in female rap at the moment.
The best part is that alongside a killer sick rap voice and black barbie fashions (pink extensions) is that she's got a freaky happy face that loves a massive smile and bonkers emotions.
The other night she hosted some irrelevant award show and got to have 4 costume changes (all pictured) and did her thing with Ludacris - they got a song.
So Nicki made the natural choice for any sexy little thugette and bounced around in a bodysuit and pink wig. Smart girl!

This face is pretty default when your talking Minaj.

I Wanna Party With Kelis!

A stroke of genius prompted someone to make a cake shaped like Kelis's notorious hit Bossy.
The mother of 1 then wacked on a mask, grabbed the mic and got busy perfroming old & nu music.
I don't understand this either.

Looks like a heap of fun though, the kind of event everyone could be crawling on the floor at and that'd be just fine.

Good News!

Papa Winehouse tells; Amy Winehouse has turned down a duet with Robbie Williams asking him "Are you fucking joking'.

Thats more like it.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Was A Good Idea

Is there a graveyard of the shit that wont get worn twice? Can I just think like an environmentalist for one second...

Avril - That Old Thing

A small small handful of you might remember finding out that the word Avril referred to a pop punk from Canada. Contrary to reports, she isn't dead, or immobilized. Instead she's bordered a plane, got herself to London (with her ex-hus in tow) where she has attended the premier of Alice hollabacks to Wonderland Via Timmy B. Funnily enough Avril sings the theme song, confusing... I know.
They mooched into the joint, after making the ball-busting decision to wear black. It was that or black, so it was a pretty difficult decision that lead them to black. Even when there, Avril was still anxious that maybe she should have wore black, because then she would feel a bit more comfortable. Oh well she can always wear black tomorrow, and the day after.
Eventually Avril lived the dream and gave the audience that sexy movie star look. Onlookers loved her black dress and how it matched so well to the hair mascara Avril had thought to use. And boy did she feel a million bucks! If only she'd wore black...

Blurry Pics Of Eve @ Work = A Reason To Blog

Much adored rapper Eve is finally sitting behind a panel of many buttons after a recent decision to release an album in 2010.

Behind the mic the girl's at work.

Sorry why did I blog about this? There's actually nothing much to this story... um... like...I like Eve alot... but either than that... all I seem to have got is 2 blurry pics of what could be anybody farting around a studio. Anyway!!!

Comin To A Town Near You

Thought's on the show? Another hot tranny mess jumping around a stage to seizure inducing pop music. Gimme!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lil' Kim Watch

Lil was at someone's birthday party, bein social, getting The Face out there. Notably matching her browns and golds for a look Kim adores; grecian goddess meets black barbie.

It's a whole different person when you get too close to Kim, the unnatural angles really start playing with your sense of gravity and humanity's core principles of design. So pretty!

10 Things That Are Wrong With This Picture

1. It's Macy Gray, who needs the other 9.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Look To Remember

Did we love or did we love! So Pwetty!

And check out the cleavage! Getting saucy with no bra and the J.Lo glow!

Who Cares If They Like Eachother - Let's Talk INCOME$

These guys could pay you to kill yourself for the right price.
But what attracts them to each-other most? It's known she's a hottie and he's a nottie, but are we buying that they actually love eachother?

Sure the body language is there, and they can yack about music for afew boring hours... maybe they both love being rich and that's their thing? I'm only finally convinced they like eachother simply because who didn't love Destiny's Child?!!?!

Judging Judy

You forget Judge Judy is a potential trend setter. Spotted out with an equally hip peer Judy is rocking the I 'm rich lets spend look. Even her mature-lady heels blend in with Judy's air of sophistication and femininity - as if Judy wasn't a pretty little peach already. So while her age-inappropriate friend is reviving something (a bloodstained polar-bear most likely - with a pinch of Gaga) Judy has opted for a canvas of blacks, added some frilling and accessorized with earthy browns. Atop she's added her lightly fluffed mop of signature thinning hair that complements the lips she's drawn around the hole she uses to eat real food.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Jury Is Out

An old friend sent this to me in an email with the subject 'CUTE!!!!!' but I can't help but think there's something sinister at work. Im just not sure... I do see how it's kinda adorable, but I also get the barf tingles. What would you think if I told you I'd put my cat in a loaf of bread?


Somewhere on the internet I found this; it's a pic Yoko took of her dead hubbies bloodstained glasses. Kreepay!

On a lighter note; how fucken cute is this;
Pika Piiii!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wishin & Hopin

Sittin round wishin I could see in ultra-violet so shit would look hell cool and I wouldnt be missin out on badass colours my human eyes don't want me to see. So depressing...

Scary Shit In The World News

Petey D is still the living dead, how much can the human body take?
She always was adventurous & loud, but now she's paid (?) for the funkiest cut the world accepts at present. Mel B took razor to head and it sure as hell aint pretty. But pretty never was her thing, just ask Emma... or anyone with eyes.

These 2 twats are still existing. I'm honestly so surprised people still push down on their camera buttons when this Cirque De Soiled comes to town. But hang on! I think this just became heaps amazing to me because I realised the irony in the idiots - the silver lining on a stinky steamy sunburnt shit. A+ keep it up, imma fan!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Of The Same

Shiloh's Got Her Own Style

It's kinda not possible that the kid got every blessing in the world, and now has got itself a hot hat. I forget sometimes Shiloh isnt just a pretty face but actually a kid who does cute shit.
Passing monkey around.

We can only hope (for our own self esteem) that Shiloh is bad at math or still breast feeds at 10yrs.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Gonna Be Fucken Mental!

I'm so fucken excited/counting days till they release the video for Gaga's song Telephone featuring Beyonce!
The song is currently a bit of a pop mash of crazy shit but a video by Gaga can turn coal into cake so I'm holding breath.
And the pics look fucken epic. No complaints, the dreamtime has returned.

I drop all irony, cynicism and jokez for this crap, I'm authentically and childishly excited. (Geez a lame moment of honesty from me... what next... a black president... nevvver)

Now To Find Out Where Babies Come From

Joking Around With Agyness & Kelly

So Ag thought she'd keep up the good times and walk the white plank in the name of Haiti.
It wasnt another quake, but Ag lost her shit and had to touch wood to keep her ship afloat.
A quick salute to the sun...
And she's back up, donates a smile to the crowd, then goes shamefully barefoot... Haiti style.

So the show realised they had nothing to loose, found Kelly Osbourne looking for a lost dog outside, and sent her out in the good name of fashion. Kelly smiled too, she knew the joke was on the fashion people because as she's been told several times; there's no chance in hell.

Britney @ Drivethru = Bland Fun 4 Britterz

Brit's totally been dumped by the media, proving the point - we were all nasty M'fukkers who were wholeheartedly addicted to her addictions. But like a good roller-coaster we had to get off. Nowdays she'll make C grade media outlets with the not-so-saucy-snaps of her at the drive through behaving herself like we'd rather she didnt.
Her man grabs some shakes for the Louisiana babe he bagged.

And she sits around, looking odd and stupid (like... low IQ stupid).