Monday, May 24, 2010

Looks Like Fun

If it were anyone else I'd have a grin and friendly eye roll, instead I pull a gran and drop the 'bad girl' card. Tsk! Tsk!
In the past week Lohan has zipped over to Cannes to promote an invisible project that has less gusto than some stationary tumbleweed... imagine. Either way Lohan ended up at the casino.. wait not ended.. started. This was day 1.

Now fast forward to day blurr, and Lohan is back on familiar turf. Surrounded by all her favorite things in life, Lohan is probably having more fun than falling in a bin when shooting Mean Girls. F.Y.I. - she does her own stunts.
Now fast forward to deaths doorstep and Lohan has found a friendly chair, as well as a shoulder to grip onto and a table to line up her growing collection of fairydust/dead skin cells.

So with a $100,000 bail waiting for her on arrival back in the US (she MAY have hit afew people... with a car... twice), as well as an alcoholics fashion must (the very couture alco-ankle bracelet) Lohan comes out on top. What (to any human) would appear to be the demise of a drug tortured hollywood blackhole, is actually the art and craft of Lohan and her many adventures through the 21st century. Oddly enough it was also reported mags have obituaries written should Lohan stay faithfully on course. Would it also surprise you to know channel 10 has The Parent Trap on permanant ready should an R.I.P. tribute weekend become a kind sentiment.

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