Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hotties On My Radar

Its Tru! Barbie was a pretty bitch and for years some of the most aspirational members of society have chosen to take tips, learn from master and mimic Barbies beauty tips. Lips, Tits, Blonde, Face Paint. Winning formula that works for dolls and homosapiens alike. Put simply; these two have had a hot steamy life and that's just fine with them. I judge nobody. 

Still Envious Of Carefree Dogs

Sunday, March 22, 2009

So Cute - Hug That Tree

This is pretty cute for an Australian native that aint a Koala. It's got that curious look in it's eyes that's saying 'who dat'


I'm seeing my friend Lex on monday night and I cant wait!
She always brings the fun times with her! 

A Reflection Of It's Owner?

Sexy Witchy/Vamp Babe

Mary Kate in adult life has long been admired for her edgy ways, and in a magical turn of events she has become a vortex of hot looks thats pretty untouchable when it comes to odd ways. She can do whatever and because she's Mary K - thats just fine. And she's worshipped for it to, hipsters worldwide in awe of MKO's antics - who else could have so successfully sold the little person in ratty moo moo shabby up-do cup-size-of-head young rich thing twin full house rented-apartment-to-heath-ledger is she still acting? pretty cute for the runt of 2 twins. 

Seniors Day Out

There's a number of hot topics this image evokes in me. One is 'seniors day out' and the cheap concessions they get because they're the only fuckers that will happily get a 'bus' by choice. Secondly it inspires me to grow old and spend my money on colourful clothing and ice cream - winning deal. Thirdly it reminds me of G (for general admission) fun. And lastly it reminds me why old people are like sitting ducks.  

Monday, March 16, 2009

Something That Wasn't There Before

In the past 6 months I've been finding kookaburra's really cute and lovely. I vote them in Australia's top 10 nicest looking natives, easily behind koalas but somewhere before wombats. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

When Life Looks Better From The Inside

So cute and peachy!

Am I Supposed To Believe This?

Because I will if you let me

I'm So Jealouz!!!

What babes! 

Music Review; The Pussycat Dolls 'Jai Ho'

There is no question about what words have been on everybodys lips for the past month or so; JAI HO. Since being a part of that poorfolk india lovely movie, all I can think about is JAI HO. Every morning when I wake up - its JAI HO. Everytime I dip my bus ticket - its JAI HO. Everytime I'm scraping the dead skin of my feet with this wonder scrub body shop thing - (you know it) - it's JAI HO. 

I dont know what JAI HO means, but because of the positive and alluring way Nicole Scherzinggah (aka The Zinger) sings it in the dolls recent cover of the Oscar winning track, I've come to understand JAI HO as a phrase meaning 'hope', or something along the lines of 'after it rains comes the rainbow'. Henceforth it's everyday slang and vernacular for me, you could say my life is pretty JAI HO - and thats a good thing! 

I'm really glad the dolls have taken what was just your regular pop song and made it their own. It certainly wasn't the first time - check out their much-better-than-the-original covers of Hot Stuff, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, and Sway. They have definitely bough a club banger with this track, and I simply can't wait to JAI HO my way around the d'floor getting jiggy with my JAI HO. 

I'm also obsessed with the white-girl-in-a-sari look that's accompanying the single, nothing looks more culturally aware/understanding/empathetic than the most sophisticated and knowledgeable women of a consumeristic white country dressing themselves in the traditional garments wore by the women of a less developed asian nation. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Love You Too

All In The Name of Fun

Its a no brainer we'd all get in a ball and do this, but i'm concerned for the everyday adventurous asian lot that have gone for this ball sport. Their torture looks like something from one of the Saw movies - however it was naturally their addictive idea all along. Im particularly fond of the fucker that has given up and lay down. Does he want; a time out from running like a rat? to feel the cool water through his plastic orb? or to inevitably suffocate - the harmful risk they've all snubbed for the chance to go ball crazy and enjoy the pleasures of BALLS! BALLS! BALLS! 

While In My Amy Moment

I've decided this is my favorite Amy pic. To describe why i'd rather not get mathematical and just barf afew words that captures what is true in my heart.

JACK IN THE BOX                           
HIDE & SEEK                       

Essence Captured!

Cartoonist types have that magician ability to transform shit and highlight what we already know. Amy is no exception and with a bit of alcohol and internet research finding this image had me happy. SO GOOD I RECON. The next step is to save it to your desktop and set it as your wallpaper - dont forget to tile the wallpaper though, that way its like bam bam bam this image is NUTS!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do You Remember Me?

- Australian television icon
- Famous for her red hair and sloped chin
- Where is she now?
- oxo Will

Happy March

Wishing you a happy march, filled with all that great crap that we all feel we deserve...?