Monday, November 30, 2009

OooH Eyy

What Can I Say?

So with November drawing to a close I felt all itcy about this thing thats been counting my every move. You couldnt take a long shit and this robot tally thing not know how many brownies you've dropped lately. It's onto me. So what can we gather; I was majorly perky to be blogging in Feb, got shit lazy in July, bought it back in Sep, had to much time on hand in October, then got distracted in November.

I guess thats my year.
I curse the thought of 2010.


Somehow I clicked some rancid link to see who were the successful sons of these sexy ladies. Can you guess who the fuck is who. I knew the majority of em (2 out of 3 - a pass) but was far more entertained by the glorious trendsetters at the wooden table. Oh yehhh they luvv the salon & gettin they hair did.

I Am... Isis Fierce

For some (Tina Knowles related) reason, Beyonce went for a tour of the Giza plateau when she was skippin by Egypt. Of corse she got some Egypt big gun to talk spinxy with her and she tut tut'ed back. Unfortunately he didn't like her arse, abused her in arab and the meet 'n' greet was ova.

Fun notes; she wore metallic lipstick just to make Cleopatra's spirit majorly jealous/pissed - because they didnt have no Lorel lip sparkle back then ... heck you'd be lucky if someone would grind up an old rock so you could get some coloured shit to line your mouth.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Been Googlin

I've been google'image searching seahorses again. They R so AmAzInG!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The American Music Awards Highlights

Obviously!!! Nelly Furtado being herself;
Nelly is so fucken bonkers let me tell you. She is The Queen of nonsense and couldn't even play sane if Timbaland asker her too. I'm guessing he tries anyway, she'd sell more albums if we could remotely relate to her.
Riri sang a bit out of tune, but only to match her inconsistent outfit.
She also felt a bit cheeky getting lasers in the eyes of the audience. Rumor reports Whitney Huston didnt enjoy the bright red flashes reminding her of her naughty time with the coppas.

And Gaga played the creep in the corner - (look at that face')


Does anybody know a good fashion blog that is really good at bashing Shakira's wardrobe? (and maybe Katy Perrys too?) Shak looks like she not only can't speak the english language properly but mistook Pretty Woman for a Chanel show.

Monday, November 23, 2009

And What Is That She's Wearing?

This gal has broken into a Tina Knowels sized storeroom of beige fabric and used the illustrious amounts of flesh toned fabrics to craft herself and a team of dancers their hot nu look for the AMA awards.
And boy did she have fun, feeling like she was in the nude and attracting onlookers with her barely there trends.
She belted some tunes,
Then smashed some bottles, burnt a piano and kept singing.

And don't even asked if she had too much fun because this is Krazier than my deformed housemate setting bins on fire. Yes, it was a good night.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Number 99 On The Worlds Sexiest

She may be somewhere in her thirties and possess the face of a reformed meth addict, but still she'll ditch a dress's front anyday and play sexy lady. She's gone for a flattering forest green Vera Wang (just guessing? - love VW) but kept her front simplistically absent. Make no mistake, she didnt just leave 2 metres of fabric at home accidentally - because this little clown loves to pull avant guard fashions to rival Rihanna and surviving Jackson personnel.
This all said why not remove the part of the dress, I actually don't care and appreciated her poor-but-cheeky efforts.

Like Ew Yuck

This bitch has got her voice on a disk and is selling it - for money!
Somehow she's the whole World's sweetheart and has set presale records.
We only let this bitch become a bigger bitch because she was the ugliest bitch with a bitchin bad big voice that made bitches worldwide go 'ewooh'.
Its practically bullying to let her have a career, because I reckon most of us are just taking a leak on Susie's leg.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some Night @ Some Gallery Thing

Some arty big wigs got together and made a 'fusion' of art n culture. So naturally they got Gaga and invited Gwen.
Ciara showed up. (??)
Gaga opted for blue lips. Mixing it up.
But seriously if Gwen is in the house; everything is OK, actually more than ok - it's fantasticly sick.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Britney Is In Sydney - How To Stalk?

She's been walkin around freestyle and fashionable on MY very streets.
Im filled with so many thoughts, like 'lets be friends' and 'I hope she likes us'.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happier Timez

This was Riri when she got a grammy for Umbrolly, I was just thinkin how much she's changed n shit. Sure she had some major shit hit the fan with Chris Brown, but now she's all dark and rated r - apparently. Just makes you think how astrology really affects us and why we evolved from gorillas in the first place.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

In The News

Sometimes I feel its my obligation to bring people the news. This is usually because channel 10 was busy covering a story about a cat or a granny. Nevertheless! In breaking news this week;Winehouse walks around with news boobs out again.
Gaga makes hot nu vid. People call it kooky, she calls it art, I call it moo shoo.

Also in the news is Celine Dion not being pregnant, but with her not being pregnant there is no photo sadly.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Night Out For B

Dressmakers of the world (and the official Tina Knowels Sweatshop) got another months work in making a whole lotta dress for Beyonce to workout in at the EMAs. B started the night in more of that futuristic crap that ticks the criteria; robotic, metallic, tight, and angular. Whoop.
She then plastered herself to a silky wall and performed Sweet Dreams. Sure B felt sexy, but Tina must have felt sexy watching her offspring get cosy in this.
B then got into her smooze and booze look for a shoulder rub with The Shak. They conversed about whatever it was they meant by a beautiful liar, then did tequila shots off eachother's navels. The Shak woke up the next day with a red ring around her belly, but is pretty sure it's not put a ringworm on it - cos its just B's leftovers.
B also got too cosy with a mysterious man people believe to be her sponsor child.
She also picked up an award. Literally, she put her wrist around it - and picked the thing up.

Mimi Flopped On A Beach

MC has decided on a swimsuit and beach for the makings of her new video. Love the babe whatever size and sanity she's working, but have to shrug when I know to expect her usual roll n play on the shores of some bay.
Its all about ME - and lookin hot in a 1 & 1/2 piece.


Kim Watch

Kim has pulled out all the sexy stops to play hot cop at the European MTV Awards. Sadly Kim wasn't nominated, performing, promoting, ect. I wonder if people were confused to see Kim? But she sure as hell wasn't confused to see them - Ms G.O.A.T. doesn't need a reason to go out (of context) and have a fun time.
Coloured contact lenses were back in. Pretty.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Divas 4 Halloween

Riri went as a tiger. 3/10 babe.
Beyonce went as spidermanwoman. 7/10
Xtina went as a skeleton with matching child. Pretty cute - 4/10