Sunday, June 28, 2009

Green Eyez

If you don't know er you should at least respect the a'tude looming around Lil' Mama's bod. 
                                   I srsly like this. 

Yay Baby!

            'Yay Baby Spice In The House' 


Aint she all over the shop with the glamma.  

La Lady

Fashion watch with Gagz has always been a hot pastime, and heres the round up on some of the pics I have collected in ma time. Above is a new shot of her doin her thang with an instrument - not just any instrument - Gagz has gone down to Allans Music, picked up a keyboard then crafted some painted shoe boxes to its side for futuristic effects - and boy do the fans love it!
Heres the other side of the penny; where she got all them shoe boxs from. Cant say this goes in Gagz's top 10 looks,  real creative bitch. 
Here she is getting born from a huge smokey lump. 
And this is an old look in Gagz's book, but it was a rad take on the colour purple. 

MJ Situ Roundup

So obviously the past few days have been all about the death of beloved Michael, so naturally I have to spare some words on the oh-so-touchy topic; He was hell great and then went hell crazy and then went to heaven? 
Heres a pic I found - do you think it's really him? Im not sure yet? 
And heres another case of the Krazy eyes, I love how the 2 pupils are clearly looking in different directions, BUT she's still smiling. Thats why no one should be afraid of getting old - go crazy, look cool. She's heaps sad MJ is gone, but so is her mind - so the 2 negatives make a positive. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Family Shit

A whole lotta Madonna types went to an airport and got a kid called Mercy. I thought Malawi was onto western names after David arrived but obviously they are just blindly messing with the english dictionary. 

Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time

They actually think that this will work and Tim 'gloomy movie man' Burton will make a nice job of Alice In Wonderland. So what' they threw him some cash and said 'do what you did to Willy' - holy crap that was a colourfull shit masterpiece. That being said; I'll pay good money to see it, and you probly will too. 
    Above are 3 celebs that dont mind Tim taking his makeup kit to the skin on their skulls - sure it'll wash off but do they seriously think that if this piece of shit flies (it wont right?) that it's gonna make them trendier than Mary-Kate converting some old dishrags and egg cartons into Fashion?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why Is This Happening To Me!

 Just when you think things couldn't get any worse, this happens; Pizza Hut is changing its name to The Hut. somebody throw me a lifesaver because things are just get plain old zany around here and all kinds of shit is happening for reasons I do not care for or like very much. WHAT WHY?! 
Such shakeups are the material for tru mental illness and the crazies of the world; how are we all meant to have a grip on things if people (pizza hut) are not honestly who they are (the hut)? 

Heartbreak and Hotdate

'Family Portrait' minus Katie - Pete takes his clan of clowns around Cypress doing family shit. I luv this pic for its fun summer vibe and bright colours. 

Katie & her face walk round another island (Ibiza) lookin sexy, lookin fly, baddest chick...

I (like most of youse) am still devo over this split, they were so in luv and now they aint - their unique kids have lost their folks will be psychologically scarred beyond my wildest dreams! 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ezy Swipes @ Amy Dearest

Just because the grammy winning babe has a face like a jewish tampon does not mean she should be dealt with in poor taste. It's too easy for any comedienne to have a swipe at Amy whenever anything a tad dirrty comes up; and they do. Be it kangaroo roadkill or the cloggy lung on the quit smoking add, any luke-warm-larrikin will put A and B together and drop a 'Winehouse humor bomb' - Im not laughing, actually I'm sitting very seriously at the computer, with a respectable ernest face that is not impressed. PSYCH!

Not Again

2 nights ago the moon crashed into my yard AGAIN! The big chink o' rock has been lucratively lurking around the night sky for what has honestly been years, and like a tiered old dog it took a seat atop my hill hoist. Fucken hell, my clothes are now drying (yes its been raining in Sydney - waa) on some metal thing - not preferable! Whoever Nasa is, can she please tie a safety rope around Moonie and send the bitch back into orbit. Ta' 

Monday, June 15, 2009

I am currently looking for a house for me and my housemates. This piece of shit has come up on my search and had the nerve to give itself the caption 'it's a charmer'. I'd like to meet the wog fuck that thought of that title and tell them what I think of their imagination and caption for this puddle of urine shaped like a house/shopfront. 

Hell No Gurl!

Sport fanatic Riri has been given an official NBA warning for being a 'diva and loudmouth during significant finals and events' . Whilst Riri does not officially follow a named team, the R&B songstress is a regular at local sporting matches, where she 'hoots, barks and sings' her support or (as is regularly the case) her criticism of the game and its players. At a recent Lakers game the taunts got so out of control Riri was asked to leave, but broke down in hysterics - an act that allowed her admission to the second half of the game. Harvard psychologist Amanda Porter is not surprised at Riri's actions, believing her mind is still crying for help after being pelted with a car bonnet by Chris Brown.  

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lil Kim Watch

                                                     'Giving 110%'
                                 'Letting The Beast Out Of The Cage'
                                                  'Songstress 09'

Undoubtedly the most talked about celeb of the year (?), and the one who has got everyone talking (?) is Lil Kim. With a career that has gone from strength to strength and a body that reiterates that build, LK is atop her game. While critiqued for not actually having put out an album for 4 years and only a stint on the US version of Dancing With The Comets, Kim is glowing - brightly.  

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

In a rare outing, Germanotta aka "Germy' has worked a rural beach setting with respective clothing. Germs has put aside her pearls and traded in the false eyelashes for a more nude look. Fashion insiders have praised the avant-garde move, citing it as 'fashions rugged look of winter 09' - to which the Germ says she just wanted to feel comfortable and expensive.   

It'll Just Get Better In Time

Still Waiting

Any day now this type of gear will be a matter of routine. The future is now and invasion is imminent. Thanks Robyn. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thats Actually Ms J. Alba

This looks like something I'd do - doesnt she have something better to do? 
                              Dedication to shark rights - her thing I guess. 
    Surprising move babe, but from where I'm sitting slunched at the computer I'm kinda thinking you should get back to movie makin, baby raising, sexy lookin and fun hot shit like that. Give us something to be jealous of ... I am however a bit jealous that  your paper is in colour - mine would be black & white due to budget. 

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tyra Hair Moments

Baby Gurl Tyra doesnt let ethnic origins or current trends defy whats happening with her locks up top. Blonde, brown or frizzled crimped pubes - the girl wants IN. 

Having 'The Fun'

Yayyyyyyy pretty fun times when your Britney and you've got your favorite 2 props out for a dance, chuck a pole in the mix and everyones enjoying themselves. 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shit Bro

This is why Fergie Ferg aint got the good shit in the face because she's farewelled all natural tendencies and looks freekay!! 

Scaryy bitch!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Passing These On To Youse!

                                                Big, Buff & Blaque
                                            Bangin Beach Bod 
                                      Mel B's built bulging bumps.