Thursday, July 30, 2009

To Wii Or Not To Wii

Im so personally conflicted (once again!) and it's because I've got one of those relationships with a brand, Nintendo, and I'm keen for a Wii. I've tried (once) to win one, but as Sebastian the lobster once said "if you want something (done) you've got to do it yourself". So its up to me to get the thing.

On the subject of being in a relationship with a brand - its so fucken common! some people will only shop at Their brand of supermarket, and some people absolutely worship the Apple logo like it's their mothers ashes. Knowem!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dont Worry! The Skirt IS Removable.

Yacking out tales from her new pad of blank pages.
A book called 'Sapphire' and a costume that echos that priceless theme.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where Ma Ladies @

Kelis was in labour for afew years and popped a boy then got rewarded 50,000 a month from Nas so was stoked with her lot in life.
Lil K turned 34 (cheers to another 20 yrz in the industry sexy) so had a bash in Miami. She wore her weave up.
Riri made shock waves by wearing all black to the Inglorious Bastards premier in London. Fashionistas (as they do) are praising the look, but fail to see the genius in Lil Kim's looks.
Halle Berry wore a sarong to Whitney Huston's album listening. Since when do they even know each other? or is this sisterhood Im looking at?
Solange (pron Soul-An-Geh) took blade to hair then covered it in a wig. All in one day. Such a typical regret - they cut it off then want the feel of long silky hair cascading over their shoulders. Its such a common turn-back-time saga where you wish life was ACTUALLY like Gwenyth Paltrow's Sliding Doors.

The Hand of Man

Guess who, what, where, why and how!

Monday, July 20, 2009

In Her Defense

At least she is enjoying herself, and who doesnt enjoy a drinkywink. Katies been to hell and back this year, having suffered a miscarriage and a marriage break down this is one modern day gladiator thats still standing. Katie has the strength of 100 men (or the brains of a lamb) to be able to float on through the unpretty picture that is her life - no matter how pretty your face is. This strong, single and independent woman is a vessel of power, and exemplifies how all of us can tackle our problems if we only cut, dye, curl, pad, diet, enhance, clip, apply, spray, draw, inject, resize, redefine, disfigure, colour, strap on, ingest, and most of all - believe.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eve's New Tat

While she aint been keepin us happy with no new beats, Eve's keeping her shoulder happy with a hot tat. Babe's got herself a spidey.

Shakira Spotted

With a new single that IS the track of the year, Shakira has celebrated with sporty clothing, a friend and a bike.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

White Party

Don't be put off by the name - a gig for caucasians only this was not. A large handful of the worlds most glammarouz people got together and wore white. Puff Dad and Ashton Ketchup hosted and guests included the real MC and her little man.
Lil Kim was surrrre to attend and go heavy on an outfit choice - decidedly matching her face to the party's theme not the skin on her body. On the far right is notable surgery fuckup; hot babe Robin Antin - not only did she start the Pussycat Dolls but she also spent half the profits from hit songs like 'Buttons' and 'I Hate This Part' on a talented mad fuck with a very sharp scalpel.
Pussy herself showed up if only to make it clear she has bought into the budget headband revolution.
R&B songstress Cassie was an attendee and outfit aside, she just wants you to know she is confident enough to rock out the hair misfortunes of yesterday. However even the most unfashionable and testosterone fueled lesbians will tell you they tried that hair yeeears back.
^ Just another pic of ya gurl Lil Kim after she told them other goddesses to shoo off and give her frame the lens it deserves. Her body language is sayin hi baby with her hand and all kinds of strong-black-female secrets with her crossed leggies and chained up low cut bodice.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guess Who!

Guess who! hint; you like em lots and they broke records set by the beatles (the beatles? who?)