Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Skirt

It's easy to forget about Paris when she's busy doing cheap club appearances in irrelevant countries below the equator. That said, some stoners have hallucinated the above image and live to tell stories about her neo-tribal inspired fashions. A skirt woven by Satan, sunnies stolen from Nicky and accessories found at a Uni Avatar-themed party - this girl is from another time; one that will never exist. On another note, Parris's BFF is rocking that black trackie, the hint of purple complements the traffic cone he is following. 

In Tha News

So this was a few weeks back but what can you expect from a blog that's run by a furby?
Everytime anything to do with Snooki hits the news I'm always so keen to read. Something about her name makes me feel like I'm in the future where we all go by new mutant names and compete in hungry games. This is a particularly gripping headline and it practically reads like a chapter of the bible, only hotter. It's also cute how they talk about her like a real person.