Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ms Price Lookin High Price

A natural wonder has hit the catwalks of London to showcase some couture. Ms Katie Price adder her signature touch of glamma to what could have been an ordinary old bunch of nickers on some skinny bitches. Price opted for a white afro, giving it that edgy high fashion flavour that she is notorious for amongst the global fashions elite. Onlookers praised Price's confidence and style, noting her good cheer after her recent split with a greasy wog. Later Price was spotted wildly clubbing at a London venue, a source confirmed Price kept the afro on as she gave patrons a sauced up interpretation of Single Ladies - a praised performance in which Price played her tits like bongo drums then when head first into a speaker. Since then Price has Twittered 'Me broke a finganail when me wig got busted in me bitch zippa and me hadda claw the fro out bye bye thumbnail Katie luv you'

Ladies Night

Some sexy ladies were out n about the town in the last week and it's nice to see their familiar faces.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Eww Grug

For some reason (???) there is a grug flashmob in Sydney, you gotta get yourself a grug book and instructions from dudes at Hyde Park fountain at midday  on June 5. The author dude (pictured) will be there - unlike me - who wont. Most of you will know grug as the mushroom hairy thing in kiddies books. Nothing personal against grug but I thought this was in the past and nowadays it's all about hogwarts and grazia mag. Tell me to ride my house broom around the Sydney CBD chanting spells and I'll do it, but I'm a bit awkward about showing support for old grug, I've put him behind me, he's in my past, and it hurt enough the first time. 

Pretty Gurl

Ain't this how things should be in the world. It's fun, frisky, has a great use of colour, and is a tad sassy. A+         

Furtado Has Always Rhymed With Retardo

Retardo has showcased fashion inspiration for a whole 2 more weeks of futuristic dressers, with an unimpressive stash of leather, edges, blacks, odd cuts and dirrty artificial add ons. This genderless bunch is signed to Retardo's record label somehow and she told them this look would win them vogue covers - so they did it. The saving grace is that one day they WILL regret this easy swipe at pop stardom attire, it will embarrass them slightly (yay - 1 point for us!) They'll remember how they thought they were so kool with their bodies strapped in and eyes lined, and how they rocked out. 

Best Believe

The Pussycat Dolls have a new video for a thing called Hush Hush; Hush Hush and its a sequiny mess but you might like Nicoles award winning makeup so check it out sometime. Who gives a fuck about the shitty shit they wear and their bad make up and hair, lets remind ourselves we're here for the music; and I'm loving it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tori's Day Out -Fun In The Sun Part 2!

Sneaky Weeky!

'..No I'll tell you about hard work and pain!...'

Chillin, letting loose, hangin, being cool

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Make Ya Smile This One Does

Fun In The Sun

Britney was taken out for a dip at the local waterpark as her tour moves around wherever it's moving around. The pop sensation keenly tried several slides and squealed as she wooshed around the water.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Can Tell That We Are Going To Be Friends

Has anyone seen my friend (pictured) around Sydney? We have 'unresolved business' and I'd greatly appreciate getting in touch with her.

Now This Is True BEAUTY

So grab a pen and list the reasons why this is a human face at its best. Start with the hair and work your way down to Tori's structureless pillow.


This lady has joined a cast of other females as a face of Revlon, the execs weren't sure about Jessica Biel until she wooped out her chocka top lip and had them all praising Aphrodite. A face like that equals a face that can sell a shit loada lippy and lip-line redefiner. Personally Biel isnt the shit for me (a real surprise yo) just the crap she's done, her mug and also she never filled Cameron D's shoes beside Justin. PS I just can't give her a break, and this Revlon business is just another example of economic crisis.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Assuming Gung Ho means something like go-getter or something proactive, nows a time to asses how it relates to my/your life and the spirituality associated. Lately I've felt PG gung ho, which sucks because everyone wants an M15+ rating right. My gung has been a bit bung and I'm blaming (nothings ever my fault) a lack of free time for boozin, cruzin and loozin. Loozin my shit that is - the 'shit' being my sanity, something I really like to leave in front of the telly so me as a brainless shell can go out and do craps. 

PS mega introverted brain moment above. 

So This is What a Flo Rider is?

Looks like an oily dumpling or a shaved horse. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are You Still Having Fun?

Pams is still trying her tricks. Does she have an expiry for this glee or is she immune to retirement - because I'll watch this more than ever as it gets old & loose.

A Product of Tina Knowels

This is direct from the likes of Tina Knowels, in more way than one; genetically and aesthetically. It's ya gurl Tina who whispers 'lyyyyyyyyyyycrrraahhh'

I Melt For This! Hand Over That Child!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Guess This Bitch Wins?

Sorry to go for the obvious (boo me) but some crafty wire orbiting your head is what I meant when I said 3008. Too tiered to debate the topic now though. DEBATE?! seriously?

Thursday, May 7, 2009


8 candidates, 1 title - who is Miss Futuristic Dresser 09?! put something silver on and have yourself afew thoughts about what the future means to you, and who just possibly could be the child of a computer chip? I've obviously been on the google image search but give me some cred from remembering all the cheap glitter, studs, chains, bolts and silver garbage that a handful of celebs have paid good money to strap on.

'3008' means thumbs up - the babe is very next millennium and astro
'2000&late' - means thumbs down - they pay a cheap stylist who doesn't understand the concept of natural evolution - and the trends that undoubtedly follow.

Candidate No.1 - Posh

3008 - alien arm tubes, krazy shoes, metallics, fingerless hand gloves - a must for any time traveller, there must be lots of motorbikes in the future.
2000&late - the future as fashion not as a necessary move to counter climate change and the threat of extraterrestrial invasion.

Candidate No.2 - Beyonce

3008 - putting some wild car shit on her crotch (catchy?), robo suit (easy take on the future... as it's inevitable were all gonna go for that essential gear + swine flu mask of course')
2000&late - Going for the futuristic look in 2009 - the future came and went didn't it?

Candidate No.3 - Kylie

3008 - silver (I'll be sayin that alot :( ) robo woman, being futuristic before it was kool. 
2000&late - her musik, wholesome look - too tan... the future is very sick and pale... but I guess so was Kylie for a while there?... 

Candidate No.4 - Fergie Ferg

3008- she invented rhyming 3008 with 2000 & late, silver, space age nonsense, and MAJOR points for the scary spice blobs on head action! 
2000&late - its fergie... and that second pic is just some snappy fan art. Luv fan art though'

Candidate No.5 - Lady Gaga

3008 - giant bubbles and clear plastic stuff - as clothing, krazy yet revolting boots, new ugly looks in the makeup, freaky disk hat.
2000&late - too much of the krazy, dressing futuristic all the time dates quick.

Candidate No.6 - Rihanna

3008 - silver, holes in stuff, nu trends like baggy gathering shit, specs, EYEPATCH (big points), latex ... you know what I mean...
2000&late - denim, shoes (in general - the future = boots), walking 

Candidate No.7 - Ciara

3008 - silver, metal femmebot activity, nu trends, chains
2000&late - silver, metal femmebot activity, nu trends, chains

Candidate No.8 - Janet Jackson

3008 -  Use of silver, bodysuit, mohawk, body clenching spacesuit antics, being 43 yrs old and still bracing for a fit figure hugging future - aka time is just a concept and your body defies natural development (saggy jugs)
2000&late - possibly could have more metallics? I'd suggest ... maybe silver? 

Lady Knowels

Mama Knowels, S Knowels, B Kowels and Knowels Junior (the kid) hit a exhibition of Andy Warhol things. And I know what your thinking - check out them bangin genes in that family! They got the creole skin and some nice nicks n nacks goin too. But we all know the true beauty is Mama Knowels who hasn't resorted to a smile to get the paparazzi and her fans (?) on side, instead she's playin it kool. Sure her kids may have youth and talent but she's the one age, wisdom and the Guinness record for the ugliest clothes you can work out of a square of plain blue denim. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On a Sadder Note

She was one week away from the semi-finals but America has decided NO, Kim can't dance and booted her of the US Dancing with the Planets. Kim has called it one of the greatest experiences of her life (dunno why) but it's good to see the kitten shake what her mama gave her and all the alterations she's made to what her mama gave her. 

Lil Kim -Through the Ages

A graphic look at the 'face' of a generation.