Sunday, May 23, 2010

Out With The Old

Nicole Scherzinger has officially got a new handful of hoes to dance around her! And more importantly they cover all hair colours! Feeling included yet?!

Strangely they have recycled the same old outfits that simply must have years of swear crusted into the groins and underarms. But now to pick a favorite; I've never put my money on Nicole (she has a nasty face right???), I cant go with the confusing red fringe business (named Rino Nakasone-Razalan), I'd be a fool to like a girl named James Lee Ruiz (aka wavy brown hair), Bondie was on So Ya Think Ya Can Dance (Kherrington Payne) and didnt win, so I'll have to go with a dish of Vanessa Curry. Maybe she is the modest one? latex pants will do that for you.

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