Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'll Buy The Lot

For about 20 years Gwen has been reapplying her rouge lips so I guess it's about time she ca$h in and flogg some lippy.

A Real He-She!

Now I don't know what I'm attracted too!

Kim Busy

It's hard being young, rich, beautiful, talented and famous... and then you met Lil' Kim!

Im Curious...

Something about farming has long attracted the drifting souls of the internet. A virtual strawberry patch has won the hearts of many online crop growers and the prospect of milking an avatar cow is the fulfillment many browsers fantasize over.

Somehow this little piggy grew not so little tits, but that only indicates the internets need to sexualize everything so the geeks remember the hormones in their bodies. A well endowed duck is quiet the fantasy!

Do Them All You Stupid Shit

So Billboard did some revolutionary photoshopping and put together a bunch of hot-nu-looks for that Beiber nut. Sadly they left out the rainbow curly clown wig (always a massive LOL) but what they have achieved is a wonderful spectrum of lavish looks. Will the hairdressing world ever be the same? I simply do not know!

And my personal fav:

My point is Bald is always Best. Take every hair of the human head and you'll always find the truth (ugly face vs pretty face). The negative of this is you'll always find some revolting moles and maybe even a birthmark. Disgusting right!?!?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thats The Look Right There

Without really wanting to explain correctly what is going on, I'm merrily proclaiming the new 1 eye only make-up as not only a formidable fashion but also a bloody timesaver. Ladies of the world can now be ready in half their usual time and look uber trendy in the process.

Doesn't she look thrilled! Sit back and watch the boys swoon! Just don't be too confused when he loves one half of you more. Developing a split personality and only shaving 1 leg is also an option... silly I know but thats the krazy life of a harajuku girl!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Music Is My Passion Too

Kim Get That Money

So Kim wooshed in the New Year on a fancy new wig note. Looking the definition of stunning.

Then Kim put her 'white girl' face on and filmed a video clip. Can't say I'm not a bit boggled as to where her eyes end and her lips start. Oh Kimmy!

A New Definition For The Word Sexy

For years now people have called Fergie (aka the original Crazed Ho) sexy, and I'm always a bit 'yer right' about it. Somehow the Crazed Ho keeps finding herself in situations where she's required to wear lace and look like a pretty fantasy babe. The Tron'esque backdrops havent helped. So while I've pointed the finger and screamed, I'm ready to take my words back. The above video, especially the sexy little cherry stalk twist has me thinking Fergie is now sexier than winning lotto.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crap From The Past Week

Kim tried to prove she was gangster because nothing gets the minorities going like some cornrows.
Katy Perry's make-up-less photo still impresses me, its burnt on my brain and I want a tattoo of it.

Facebook has really learnt my ins and outs - the adds are now responding to my taste buds, how did they know Mexican is one of my top 3 international fav flavs?

Friday, January 7, 2011


How they all came out of the same vagina I will never know.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Nicki showed stupid people how to accessorize your NYE perfectly.

Have more fun?!

Looks Alright

But is it to be believed that she really looks like this? Yeh ok... why not I've always loved Posh and one of finest character traits is gullibility.

In the mag she talks about having two blobs of silicon taken out of the skin pockets behind her breasts, and while she knows in her heart aliens put them there, she didn't want to sound silly, so she told the mag she was born with them and that she has got the photos to prove it.