Sunday, September 6, 2009

Woo Hoo!!!!!!

All these 'people' were up at midnight recently, not because they were having a boogie, not because they were watching Titanic but because they were amongst the millions (approx 17 people) worldwide who HAD to be at the midnight launch of Wii Sports Resort.
Oh Boy did their night go OFF!!! Some people even wore hats! at midnight!
Above is a group shot of the Party People, all with their copy of Wii Sports Resort and a psyched smile that says 'I own it, I'm a star'.
If they even tried to think of something better to do, they couldn't - not that they'd ever want too. I just hope they got some kind of memorabilia, maybe a fake passport to this Resort, maybe a new life? (jokes) or maybe a photoframe - for the memories of their 'night out'.

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