Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stupid Fool

So we all know the internet throws some pretty funky adds our way every now and again, but this 'funny tees' business is a real punch in the eye. Painful in every way imaginable, they've hired some girl-next-door type, put her in one of their hilarious tees, and called their business intelligent. I cant just call her a slut and that be that, I'm more offended. Other points of complaint; the urban brick wall - maybe she's some sassy law student - makes me hate it more. The t-shirt itself was offensive enough to blog about, what rock-n-roll lovin fool would go there? ... probably the 35+ pub music crowd. Yuck. On a final note, why does this add look like it was originally crafted as the latest quit smoking campaign? Its that burnt paper crap up the top and sudden stomach lurch you get when you see it. Score: 0/100.

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