Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finally Some News Worth Blogging!

And by that I mean 2 people I don't know (but would surely get along greatly with) doing absolutely nothing.
Barbie and Britney got their promo on, and took Brits out for what could potentially be some kind of proactiv skin care campaign. Why else would she have pulled her hair back and declared herself good to go? Oh that's right she's a cheap rabbit with the inhibitions of a toddler so why wouldn't she go with what the sparkly metallic chip in her head says. Regardlessly, she looked stunning - print all of these out, blu-tac them up above your bed, and your dreams will be the same as they were before.
Hugs are fun.

Then the gals tweeted out a pic, fans couldn't (but actually could) believe their eyes.

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