Monday, December 6, 2010

Lil' November 4 Kim

Wheres Kim at you ask?!? Well she had a heaps important November, and it all kicked off at halloween:
Kim was a sexy cat, she purr'ed around some party then fell asleep with her head in her crotch.
Next Kim hit up a 7/11, and by the look of things I'd say Kim's in for some potato chips! What a lucky girl!

And finally Kim's gone for the 'seaweed' hair she's been dreaming about. Looking a bit Michaella Jackson tho'

So ontop of a grueling regime that requires the rap queen to not only feed and wash herself, Kim's also found the energy to give Nicki Minaj afew jabs in the groin; she released her track 'Black Friday' which barks at hisses at the successful times of Nickiiiiii!!!!!!! Kim even got hot and flustered enough to (apply deodorant) announce another album; Hard Core 2: All Hail The Queen, in which we are sure to hear more about Kim's sexy curves and her appetite for shlong. As tasteless as that sounds lets be honest, it's already my anthem to a sexual 2012.

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