Thursday, October 28, 2010


So as you already know, I have no control or say in where I end up when surfing (we still call it surfing?) the net. What I mistake for checking my emails turns into a full blown investigation to work out what Bec Hewitt's uterus is doing. Sometimes I just want to pop by Perez and I end up researching a diet based on corn. I don't know why, I do know I'm happily withering away in the process. My overall point for this rant is to lead into the following picture. Somehow I ended up voting for the ARIA awards. Let it be known I would rather vote in a 'which tampon are you' contest than go to the ARIA homepage. But to contradict myself; I'll try anything once, twice, daily, hourly... repeat until fade.

And what a selection Australia has turned out. If these chart toppers don't make me a proud Australian then I guess it's time to immigrate. Aka charter the boat, get me out. I can honestly nit-pick this bullshit, starting from Brain McFadden (ISNT HE IRISH?!) to the kick-in-the-nuts that is a DOUBLE serving of Guy Sebastian AND the clown without the makeup - Vanessa Amorosi. I ended up voting for the We Speak No Americano, primarily because it's the only one that tickled my cold heart, and secondly because it hints at America - AKA the home of Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna and that heavenly lot of ladies. God bless America... anything to save me from an oversized handful of Australian Idol infestations and that filthy folk Miller-Heidke fuckwit.


  1. why wasn't Amber's 10 Date Commandments in consideration? Easily the winner.

  2. You should read the fine print on the ARIA site before making a fool of yourself mate. The ten nominees for most popular single and most popular album categories were determined purely by sales, nothing else, a fair indication of popularity I would think. They were the ten top selling singles and albums of the last ARIA year(August 2009 to August 2010). Guy Sebastian had a single which sold triple platinum (Like It Like That) and another one which sold close to double platinum (Art Of Love) and a platinum selling album. The single Like It Like That was not only the highest selling Australian Artist single in 2009, but even made it into the ARIA top sellers of the decade, coming in at 29, the 6th highest entry for an Australian artist song released between 2000 and 2009. This was achieved after only four months of sales.

    Vanessa Amorosi had a double platinum and platinum single ( This Is Who I Am and Mr Mysterious) and an album which has also just gone platinum. What do you want ARIA to do. "We are going to choose the nominees from the highest sellers of the year, but we will exclude any sales from former Idol contestants and Vanessa Amorosi, and any other person Virgo doesn't like. We did say the nominees were selected by sales, but some sales really shouldn't count". That would really make it fair wouldn't it. lol