Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nature Is A Silly Bitch

So if you woke up today, saw the grey sky, and a plastic bag stuck around a penguins neck, let me remind you that there is beauty yet in this world! Example 1;
Baby cockatoo, can't believe Sanrio hasn't picked up this guy as the next Hello Kitty. The only thing cuter would be this guy with a metallic pink bow atop that adorable bald head.

Owww sugar! this is some deflated rare shark business, so go get rid of your teddy bears and the old cat you love so much. Time to invest in something really glam and sexy. It doubles as both a halloween prop, a toilet plunger and if your really game... a Melbourne Cup hat. I use mine as an ipod case and a substitute for the adorable child I never birthed. Mawwwww

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