Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Art Edition... Or Some Shit

So while I'm open to the idea of there being a post-postmodern form of art, this isn't exactly what I had in mind.
Kim's dropped her dacks again and exploited the few talents her name has to offer. But because she's done it for Art's sake, this time its OK to show the images to your kids.
The infamous arse even Sir Mix-a-Lot had second thoughts over.

So do we like or do we hate? Biologically confused?

My final verdict is that I like Kim, not as much as Khloe obviously. I give her credit for lingering like the smell of fish long after her dairy's expiry date, and give her more credit for finding new aspects of her bland self to sell to us. She is both a beautiful rare gem and an off cut of whore who likes a needle in between her eyes and a dick in her left hand... all whilst a boom microphone hangs within volumes reach.


  1. sorry is this a bit tasteless? erg im not quite sure i wrote this right...