Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Piece Of Shit

As if Willow Smith's trip to Milan fashion week was gonna slip by me that easily!
As you all know by now, the root of all evil is Jada and her melting face but sadly her child (Will's face on a 9yr old female) has been dragged into the shitfest. The story goes like this; Willow released a song, got signed by Jay-Z, and now wants to be a fashionista. Because commissioning a Mexican seamstress to junk together a bunch of Jada's hand-me-downs is the recipe for fashion success. Never has garbage complimented a 9yr old so well.
Poor Kylie has been dragged into the gargling mess, resulting in an image that is somewhere between 3 deities from heaven and 3 runaway Romanian clowns.

And just so we know who to blame, refer to Satan-in-a-hat (as pictured above) and whisper the c word at your computer.

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