Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who Dat

Usually (being Australian) we like to side with the 'underdog' (ahh the imagery of that term) but in the case of Beyonce's silent sabotage of Kelly Rowland I'm with the upperdog. B does this primarily by being so much fucken better, and secondly by hiring people to scream 'fat pig' at Kelly every morning at 5am. Fat pig or not (you judge the pic - hum??) Kelly has decided to wear a big 'leave me alone paps' hat to the beach. Turns out the joke was on her as a couple of German tourists were just trying to get a photo of the view when Rowland started power-walking through every frame. They didn't get their shot in the end, but Kelly got a free slap in the face from a hand not belonging to Michelle Williams. Let's face it Destiny's children hated every inch of eachother and would swerve a moving car if it meant life in a wheelchair for their bandmates.

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