Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ranting & Releasing

Basically M.I.A. has an album comin out in July and the thing has got kick-ass reviews already. However girl isnt happy. Firstly she pooped out some scandalous video for a promo song (Born Free - cus we are right? humph) that I got bored during and never made it to the end - yeh yeh I get it - guns ect... death... Youtube banned it - shoop'.

Then she put out her first single XXXO which is cute but not making me toot. She's doing some great album artwork too; the album being inspired by the internet (genius - srsly) so she's cropping lots internet looking shit together. I love it, its a fucken virtual craft age, I shoulda fucken known!
Then she also got pissed off at some article about her which ended in her posting the interviewers personal phone number on twitter. You can take the girl out of London but you cant take the earwax out of the girl. Don't know what I meant by that, either way she's got the free-bitch gene (that's a compliment) and the album will make ya ears curdle.

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