Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A. Keys - Are We Fans?

Here we have some carrot top, also known as Mamma Keys (yes Alicia is a halfie), we've got Alicia, then we've got Swiss Beats (who Alicia is dating, but he was married when they met - shared merch) and then we've got some Busta Rhymes/Flo Rider hybrid. It's one of them I'm sure...
Alicia is on tour in the US at the moment, and pissed off the unlucky fans who bought tickets to any show either than her Madison Square Garden show in NYC - by bringing out Beyonce (aka the Matriarch of Hip Hop AND Pop music at the moment). The two acted friendly, sung a song together and proved who's better.

No surprise Beyonce's hips won out. Old songbird Alicia had to practice her booty roll in the mirror twice as hard that night.

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