Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Deity In Our Midst

There's some people that never did shit for shat and are what I refer to as 'people that would paddle away from the titanic in an empty lifeboat'. Gwen Stefani is not one of these people. Fuck knows what Gwen would do... but my point is Gwen Is A Fucken Babe.
She's popped up in the pages of some US mag (real relevant I know) and reminded the public that she lives, and thats a comforting thought. Especially in a global financial crisis.
She's left the kids at home and got her fashion on. I'm still just thrilled with the general message that she's still around.
Either way, if 3 holy spirits are gonna save me in this lifetime, Gwen is one of them (easy bets for the other 2) and together we'll fly to heaven singing - I'll be doing Eve's rap in Rich Girl.

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