Saturday, February 27, 2010

Avril - That Old Thing

A small small handful of you might remember finding out that the word Avril referred to a pop punk from Canada. Contrary to reports, she isn't dead, or immobilized. Instead she's bordered a plane, got herself to London (with her ex-hus in tow) where she has attended the premier of Alice hollabacks to Wonderland Via Timmy B. Funnily enough Avril sings the theme song, confusing... I know.
They mooched into the joint, after making the ball-busting decision to wear black. It was that or black, so it was a pretty difficult decision that lead them to black. Even when there, Avril was still anxious that maybe she should have wore black, because then she would feel a bit more comfortable. Oh well she can always wear black tomorrow, and the day after.
Eventually Avril lived the dream and gave the audience that sexy movie star look. Onlookers loved her black dress and how it matched so well to the hair mascara Avril had thought to use. And boy did she feel a million bucks! If only she'd wore black...

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