Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nicki Minaj! Ma Gurl!

It'll be decades before mainland Australia discovers the joys of Nicki Minaj but for the select few who have the internet to get our eyes overseas, Nicki is Tha Shit! in female rap at the moment.
The best part is that alongside a killer sick rap voice and black barbie fashions (pink extensions) is that she's got a freaky happy face that loves a massive smile and bonkers emotions.
The other night she hosted some irrelevant award show and got to have 4 costume changes (all pictured) and did her thing with Ludacris - they got a song.
So Nicki made the natural choice for any sexy little thugette and bounced around in a bodysuit and pink wig. Smart girl!

This face is pretty default when your talking Minaj.

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