Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm So Confused

Have you ever been so confused you cant put one foot in front of the other? We'll while Carrie has managed to put left over right and walk on I'm afew miles back gathering thoughts and remembering who I am, and how I like my eggs. I don't understand this Sexy City movie business. Shouldn't it be left in the decade thats ending? Or will it be a bit of fun? Sure I'll see it, and I'll get all into it and shit... hell I'll even get the promotional movie goers cup if only they'll let me. But I feel guilty, like I've moved on from a dead lover or something. SJP is worn like crocodile skin and I can actually see why they opted for a big 2 on the poster - sex, sexy, sexual ... this movie aint. In reality its a whole lotta women hawking about in their forties ... oh well ... sign me up ... another reason to leave the house.

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