Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Still Here?

It's literally been years since I've thought of these two, and the dry taste I get in my mouth when I think of them. Oddly they're still alive! And he (being over 60) continues to look like 'generic old man' and she, a fan of the eternal frozen face and the garden rake physique, continues to look like an unofficial, life-sized, synthetic Ally Mcbeal doll - made in Taiwan. The love however, is real, because a love like this is not too good to be true, it's artificial, so it must be real - and like anything plastic, this will take over a billion years to break down. After biological warfare wipes us all out, the dinosaurs return then die again, alien humanoids will rummage through earths crust - discovering my primary school lunch box, water bottles marked 'frantelle' and Calista and Harrison, creeping along arm in arm and as bloody boring as ever.

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