Thursday, December 30, 2010

What Kim Did Next

NYC's littlest hustla has used her beef with Nicki Minaj to get busay on the scene and see rea$on to make new mu$ic. Kim get that dolla.
But until we hear the new album, Kim's gotta buy groceries, and when all you eat is gold, silver, diamonds and hospital grade silicon it's kinda hard to live off government support. So Kim's gotta dust of her plether jacket and hit da clubs.
Which isn't too hard because Kim loves the clubs, and the gays love her, so the two usually line up and Kim can afford to eat the fat out of her bum for another night.
Pretty cute right *waves back*
Counting how many drinks she's had and if driving home is a good idea.

And jumping on the stage for a worship session (if you accidentally grab somthing and it comes off Kim lets you keep it, one fan took home a fingernail).

On another note can we please talk about Kim's hat. Cute, sassy and fash forward, that thing has me wishing Christmas comes twice.

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