Saturday, December 18, 2010

Clip Of The Year! Clip Of The Year!

It's not everyday we get a music video worth posting, hell I couldn't event be bothered to learn how to 'embed' even when I was all hyperactive about Gaga's Telephone coming out. And when I found that hilarious clip of a monkey pissing into his own mouth... still I was to lazy to embed. But now (praise Jesus or a significantly sexy deity) Mariah has come to the multimedia rescue and I've gone to all the trouble of finding a 'code', and posting a youtube clip. What can I say; people CAN change!

Now for the clip, it is heaven, it is nirvana, it is bigger than life itself. Basically this is my (and consequentially your) happy place. When life gets you down, the bus driver calls you a raging cunt, or you find yourself compatible for the paralympics, watch this, and all is good.
I don't know why the world hasn't replaced Santa asap because we now have an even better version of a 'big, jolly, insane, hairy madman' that delivers fun shit at xmas.

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