Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cheeky Possum

This weeks Kim Watch follows her through her twitter pages, and from what I can gather Kim's keeping it local (she was Never going to make it to Australia, so Obvious!) by keeping her performances selective. And by selective I mean she's opted for the local Gay bars of New York. Ahhh you can always trust the gays to open their cold hearts to any stray pop star - as long as it still identifies as a 'she'. Fuck the gays have taken in everything from Kelly Rowland to Paulini, something about those cheap club ready songs really rings a bell with the homosexual DNA.

And for those of us who plan to recreate Kim's look, heres what she wore;
Gold jacket ($7 from the local swap-n-save)
Black short-shorts (second hang from Biggie - same size!)
Monster boots (you gotta get something for stalking Rihanna right?)
Hair extensions ($5 - and nobody could smell the horse ++!)
Sheer stockings (only $20 from Ben & Jerrys)
Face ($50 - hollowed out teddy bear head soaked in Maybelline liquid concealer for 2 months)
Fake lashes (free - the things you can do with an old fridge box!)

An excited Kim before the show;

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