Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Best, Worst & Witchiest

Harry Potter 7 part 1 just arrived so it's pretty obligatory I winge about one of its premiers.
Worst dressed goes expressly to Hemorrhoid Granger, who has out-clowned a world of experimental fashionistas with her man cut, DIY jewels and sexy (but not at all) silk slip.
Best dressed easily lands at the mercy of Lourdes, because lets face it, I'm not actually talking rags this is a popularity contest and I think we could make the best of friends.

And Ms Hocus Pocus herself showed up, SJP wore Helena Bonham Carter as an avant garde/couture rap-me-around. She teamed this with 2 dippers (worn on each foot) from her baby twins to give her look that 'they are always with me' sentimental touch.

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