Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lets Weight This Up

So Elle (what a stupid name for a magazine, why didn't they just opt for Taurus or something astrological) put out 4 covers because they had a few extra design interns and some C grade celebs that couldn't sell the thing alone.
First up is the pretty bitch that is famous for being our current pin-up for 'close to genetically immaculate'. Besides the face she's not got much else we wanna know, what I'm actually saying is Destroy The Face and she'll join you and me in normaldom.
Next is the very casual LC, who has absolutely nothing I want to know about, so I've got absolutely nothing to type about. I'll opt for my usual; Fuck Off.
Speaks for itself...

The bland chick thats doing the rounds at the moment. Great. Was nice of them to generously photoshop 1 boob in. Maybe next year if she's lucky they'll give her 3.

Overall, you wont be buying Elle anytime soon. And if I've taught you anything today it's that 4 C listers does not a magazine sell. Go forth and use this lesson in your lives, it's more applicable than you'd thing if only you look outside the square.

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