Monday, September 27, 2010

Definitive Beauty?

Once upon a time the planets trashy fantasy girl was called Pammy Anderson, nowadays hormonal & disgruntled teens are leaning about their sexuality via Kim Kardashian, and the repressed sexual tension that is Twilight. I just wanna winge about Kim. Firstly I love a fame whore, and people being more famous for their low IQs than any obvious skills. These people are deities in a world overpopulated with normal, smart types.. aka Hemorrhoid Granger. But lately I'm having afew healthy probs with Kim's face; me smells a rat! I know she's in a polygamous relationship with the plastic surgeons of the Wood, but I'm thinking she's crossed the line from 'prettay lady' to 'does it move'. Now all I see are some slimy puffed lips, a botox-lowered brow, a sleep-with-a-peg-on-it nose, which has all been topped with a permanent layer of wind shield, sun resistant, house paint. Lets be friends!

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