Friday, August 6, 2010

Aboard Queen's Loveboat!

Somewhere in the ocean is a boat where 'love' has taken solace because here on dry land its just me and a raging army of angry single people. Rest assure the boat WILL sink.
Either way, Queen Latifah has finally found someone to put a tiny woman hand (no beefy man handz here) on her waiting ass. The longtime funny woman is now officially the black Ellen in all dimensions (mind, body & spirit).
2 vaginas = 1 happy Queen! Even more importantly is the fashions!!!! Which whenever a lesbian is around is more like 'are your boardies Roxy or Quicksilver?'. I'll take a stab in the dark and guess Queen's found a fondness for Billabong?

Oddly enough a pregnant Alicia Keys has used her bubble belly to float her (and her man) out to the loveboat where Alicia is happily trotting around eating, farting and discussing baby names - the current frontrunner being 'Alicia Keys Junior'.

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