Friday, July 30, 2010

Sorry, But I NEED To Call Bullshit On This

Does your family look like this? Your FUCKEN on the right side of shit if they dont, because this is some nasty that even Antarctica's Fashion Week wouldn't try out. First and foremost, I blame Jada, aka the crypt keeper to a wardrobe stocked with the second hand looks from each and every televised popstar search. Secondly I blame Jada again, and thirdly I blame Jada's glue-me-on bangs. The kids are obviously on the same roids as any 5-15 yr old Cyrus, with one too many energy drinks mixed in with their daily meds. And do I even need to repeat the basic facts about Will... Scientology, like dick, ect ect...

But how to destroy them? I recon if I knock Jada off the rest will fall. Is Jada not the Queen of all Fools?

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