Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Personal Fight With Jada

Why do I want to take a large chunk of wood, cover it in rusty nails, then jam it down Jada Pinkett-Smith's mouth repeatedly? Tell me you do too!
Maybe its the conceited rubbery smile that gives a neighborly 'fuck you' vibe. Maybe its the air of confidence and dignity that masks her suppressed desire for eating pussy inside a dumpster. Maybe it's the muscular frame.
Maybe it's the precious little family in their hot trendz. Maybe it's hubby Will with his successful-black-man air?
I'm pretty sure it's that sheen that's coming off every angle of Jada's hulky frame. Why does she look more oily than a teenage slumber party? Maybe she spends alot of time above a deep-frier researching for a role as an oil spill in the next Batman movie?

Someone that is not to blame is sweetheart Jackie Chan who's racy head-to-toe white get-up has fashionistas rethinking ever wearing denim again!


  1. i do too - and that annoying son sends me over a cliff