Saturday, June 12, 2010

From What I Can Gather

About a month ago Missy Elliott got herself a twitter account and got shit rolling - as in she's getting back in the game. More un/importantly she is in Sweden on a whim and has been tweeting as she shops. Bizarre I know; Missy shops.. and I thought she was more of a 'if the singlet fits wear it' type.
First up she's done what any rap artist with their first thousand does; heads for the Louis V. The true definition of rap glory is getting this print on your bed sheets. Did someone say Glamma with a capitol L. Gucci is also applicable when talking riches.

Then Missy has kept to her flat footed nature and started thinking sneakers. Being an Adidas homegirl, she's feelin pretty darn cute looking at this femme colours. Missy is mega famous for her sneaker collection - something about the practical, athletic, flat foot, nature of the shoes really rings a chord with Miss E. Sexy I know.

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