Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Next; Toilet Paper?

Firstly please click the 'sexy city' tag/label for this post and revisit the sexy city underwear collection. Well now its been outdone by a bunch of ugly jiffies. LETS ANALYSE;

Carrie: The girly girl gets an age-inappropriate pink thats been glammed up by what looks like some cheap gold pom poms.

Samantha: The 'one that likes sex alot' gets a very X rated black. Topped with a hint of gold and a very funky plastic blob. Seductive.

Miranda: They got this one wrong alright; gave the she-he purple shoes with bows... it's gonna be a big argument getting her to swap her reef-sandals for these.

Charlotte: The frigid one gets white because she's the one you'd associate virginity with if you had too. A bunch of melted plastic pearls glued to the top gives these flats a look that screams Garage Sale.

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