Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Totally Sick

For those of you who only read stuff on an illuminated screen this may be a shock to yaz, but get it into your brainy wainy; Virgo was originally a black & white zine. Primitive you say? Ow gurl this shit was the definition of a cottage industry...

Anyways, the last issue popped out this year; Issue 16; the Spice Girls tribute edition. And it's totally mad; primarily because you can physically hold this thing so there's no stopping you plugging your arse with it! Hoorah!

Our xxxclusive zine dealers 'Sticky' (as of the past 24 hours) have 6 past issues on catalogue, including the Spicey new one for sale at their online zine vault! So ask first, then borrow mum's credit card, and get the lot - twice!


Seriously, you'll think the bibles been re-written: and it was actually Geri Halliwell who parted the waters and Baby Bunton who carried 2 Iphones down a mountain and started making commandments to the other Spices.