Monday, May 3, 2010

Thank Fucken God

I'm so fucken glad Gaga is back in the USA. Sure, my chances of a bump-in turned lifelong friendship are now axed, but on the plus side we've finally got some fucken paparazzi back on her ass to keep me in the know. And those who know me know I like to be in the Know, it's my version of following the soccer, or collecting coins. And if I could pray to a stain-glass Gaga at an alter, I might just try - i'd wear something metallic for starters.
But back to the topic at hand. Gaga's left the house (gush!) and rocked an intentionally open fly (can you hear me unzipping right now! hot trend!) matched with Fergie's wishlist's boots. She's also reemployed an old fried wig with a literally nude lip (paying for a nude lip is now OUT - try nothing I hear it's just as good). She's also got on her fav jacket (any true fan knows that old soul by now) with what we can only guess are some Ksubi cut offs, but lets ignore that part.

Once again she's breathing new life into the clothing racks of sex stores by opting for a lacy onesie. Teamed with that jacket you should be recognising for yourselves by now, and a veil. Not too sure how I feel about the veil, but this is the girl who could serve me pasta from her anus and I'd eat it - aka no complains!

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