Friday, May 28, 2010

Sexy City 2 London Premier - What 2 Wear?!

Firstly you gotta know that Sexy City and its fake flower flaunting ways have a following of hillbillies that look to it as a style bible - one that moves and says 'penis' alot. So what did the fashionistas themselves wear to the premier as to keep thier names up there with the fashion elite (Uncle Karl, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Ryan Lobo, and the Teletubbie that carried a bag).

SJP; wore a eyebrow raising hat that has bloggers blogging. Peeps have called this thing everything from the puff of smoke on Lost to the shit that the volcano spewed out. Either way SJP took a risk and it didnt pay off. She's also wearing an old doona tucked into her panties and a thing on her arm that takes her blood pressure level every 60 seconds.

Kristin (the conservative one); thought she'd tuck into the Grecian roots she doesnt have and opt for the Aphrodite look. Naturally this worked a head-to-toe vegas girl charm and she has been praised for her generous tip to low fashion. For those of us who know every Sexy City episode ever this would fit seamlessly into the slutty Charlotte at the casino in Atlanta look. Basically what I'm saying is she looked cheap and gold is out.

Kim (the one who likes sex alot) has taken the matching bedsheets to SJP's doona dress and clipped them around her bodice with a broach found at her own garage sale. To her credit, not doing much (giving fashion the finger) has worked a magical charm; in comparison to the doona woman, penniless showgirl and dodo (on the right), Kim has come off as the one you'd rather invite over for tacos.

Cynthia; direct from the pages of Vogue (they advertise airlines right?) has chosen an ocean blue swimsuit then has had it altered into a dress. Really surprisingly fashionistas have not picked up the look! And speaking of picking up, Cynthia has picked up 2 furry friends from the wig shop and glued them to the hairline on her neck. AKA she's trying extensions and I'm not fooled nor entertained.

In conclusion, Kim looks fine. The rest are bloody idiots who's fashion taste tastes like diarrhea served in a empty toilet roll.

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  1. OMG...they all look sooooooo good. I hope I look that good when I'm retired. My only question is, why is Cynthia Nixon pretending to be a blonde? She was better as a redhead! Now the whole group is out of balance. It's supposed to be the blonde, the brunette, the redhead and the horse!