Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm At My Wit's End

Someone once told me that somewhere there is a blog dedicated to the fashion moves of Katy Perry. This isn't an innocent sport, as regularly the future Mrs. Brand makes choices that shadow her style as negative. Aka she's a fucken freak, who continually twists the rainbow around her body while forgetting to cover her massive forehead. She's done this again in the above dress where everything has worked against Katy from the second she yelled "yawww I like that" in the fitting room.

But hold up! I do give one tip of the hat; this fucken rag lights up, and I'll never have a problem with that gimmick. Never have, Never will.

I will credit her with having carved out a niche for herself in the rag department, I'm just still perplexed at how she always just gets it so wrong... and looks like an early bloomer off to prom in the process.

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