Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Smell Tina Knowels

A beige skin toned neckline and disney colour palette - can Tina please step out from behind the nearby shrubbery and own up to her needlecraft. And who whispered to Kelly to go for Diana Ross hair? We all know who the lead was in Destiny's Child.

Even if Tina grew a heart and decided to leave Kelly alone, ugly ass clothes would still find her. It's as if this warped outdated futuristic (circa the new millennium) aesthetic will forever haunt one of music's favorite black sheep (Rowland) forever.


  1. I heard (from MX) that she's doing a track with the Rih Rih basher aka Chris Brown, and was all like "It's done of my business what he did or didn't do." LOL.

  2. i fucken HATE that and i fucken hate chris browns fucken face. he's WHOLE image is forever tarnished for me, mostly because his apologies were soooo shithouse. and i ALWAYS think bad of people who work with him closely since. im usually just thinking 'well they can rule out some rihanna time now'

  3. How amazing is Rihanna's "G4L"? revenge ftw