Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening The Discussion Up

So for along time myself and that rancid society of mine have poo poo'ed Gaga for having a large nose and a face that belongs on the front of Diabetes Monthly. Well, after lookin around the net I'm kinda torn; it's not all bung ass images of our girl Gaga lookin crook; sometimes she pulls it off! Sure usually a pair of sunnies is involved to crop down her beak... but maybe we should be calling her a babe on the odd occasion. This is the postmodern debate;
On one hand we've got her looking worse than a puberty stricken homeless man. One eye is unfortunately weighed down with a bit too much lash glue, and the rest of her features are not much better. A genetic beauty? eeekies!
But then who's this Italian-American babe?
Lookin nice. I don't need to tell you or her that the glasses dissect her flaws successfully.

A bit woggy with the white overload, but all together the gals a babe... unless of course you scroll back up to where we started.

The discussion rages on...

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