Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nothing But The News

Omgie!!! Beyonce has a bro - the genetic kind!!!
Papa Knowels had an 18 month affair, knocked up a certain Alexsandra Wright, and as of Feb 4 (now confirmed in a DNA thing) has a baby kid they named Nixon. Holy fuck! A kid called Nixon!??!!??!?!?! He's the brand nu bro to Beyonce (28) and Solange (23) - do you think the sisters grim will want anything to do with him??! You'd be sad if you had some smokin rich sister (called Beyonce Giselle Knowels) who didn't dosh on you. This is fucken juicy!

Sadly Mamma Knowels (AKA The Talented Tina) has divorced her hubby of 30 years - making Baby Nixon, yeps that'll kill the love.

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