Friday, March 12, 2010

Holla @ Geri

Whats Ginger been doin you ask?!! The girl that was once so dear to your heart is now a 37yr old mother of 1, but she still enjoys showing some leg and making tasteless jokes about being naturally a red-head.
She rocked up with a newly shaved Mel B to the Brit Awards the other week. They got some award for being amazing (13 years ago).
Geri also got scary (looking) in the name of Haiti. The fashion world did its part and roped in some Brit celebs (I think an Aloud Girl was in there too), put them in Katie Price inspired get-ups and sent them down the white plank. Nobody will ever know if they raised so much as a gold coin, but Geri sure had fun, and thats a more powerful message.
Haaaaiiittiii - now a fashion statement. Need me a Haiti T, people will know I'm not only clothed but also so gullible that I care about earthquake relive via a T-shirt. Now to cure cancer with a pair of pants.

But back to Geri - in her spare time (as reported by neighbors and street surveillance) she wanders the local streets aimlessly. And no she isn't looking for an ear to tell an old Spice tale, like the time Posh got wedged between a fridge and a small table. Instead Geri is a regular loud-mouth: especially when a neighbors bin overloads (has to put on her Leg-warmers 4 Landfill enviro gear). Inspecting trash has become more of a hobby than Geri initially expected. She's frightfully proud of the great things found in other peoples trash; not only has she uncovered the original single to Wannabe, she's also scored some out-of-date cat food (fed to her baby) and a mysterious green shoe that has her in a whirl of excitement about finding the other shoe. It's not everyday you get a pair of shoes; FOR FREE.

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