Friday, February 12, 2010

What Happened To You? The Gaga Edition

People didnt even blink. The pigeons on the other hand - went nuts.
Poor Cyndi tried to keep up but you just can't compete against someone who is literally poor from spending all their money on keeping it wak.
Gags retreated to her piano, where once again she yacked out her ballad "Speechless". Im starting to think that this song was meant to catch on and become a single due to popular, passionate, and emotional responses worldwide. But that's one fire this bitch can't start. Nobody likes a ballad - and you heard it here last. Bang a tin pot and repeat sing the same word over the top with alot of auto tune and you've got yourself a top 20 hit - at least in Eastern Europe to say the least. Just try!

I guess someone's laughing.

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