Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Depressing Decade

I like most music, OR SO I THOUGHT. Please checkout the figures for the past decade in OZ.
Alright I'm kookoo for Gaga... but the rest!!?
What the fuck went wrong with everything else? I'm so embarassed for Australia, what a shitpile. A whole lotta Idol catpiss. Seriously 'Angels Bought Me Here' - knowing this prompts me to have one of those moments where you need someone you pinch your eyeballs. Would you even call it a song? I'm speechless re Shannon Noll... no comment, you know what I think and you think it too. Then we've got ourselves a whole lotta 'P!nk' in the albums - I'm neutral on this... what can I say the average Australian is really into butchy old P!inky... nothin new or surprising. Something I will trumpet on about is that all the albums are by chicks which is a great fart towards Tripple J and their dick orientated hot 100. ARIA tells it like it is. And who gives a fuck about music DVDs, I own 2 - Destiny's Child live in Atlanta (it's fucken great) and Gwen's Harajuku Lovers tour (ain't as fun as Beyonce - not enough diamonds & ass) but it's cute.

Anyways... what a controversial and fucken deaf country we really are. I'm off to grab me a copy of 2006's P!nk in Europe DVD (had she genuiusly swapped the i for a ! by 06?)

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